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Congratulations! You’ve been selected to the SiteNews’s 25 Innovators in Construction Class of 2023!

But please keep this a secret until September 7th, when we will officially announce the winners.

This guide will walk you through the next steps on how to share this accomplishment with your social networks.

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Example 1

We’re incredibly proud to be among the top companies named to @SiteNews’s 25 Innovators in Construction for 2023!

This honour underscores our commitment to driving innovative solutions in the industry.

Check out the full list of this year’s winners: readsitenews.com/25-innovators-winners/

Example 2

Innovation isn’t just a buzzword for us; it’s an integral part of who we are. We’re immensely proud that @SiteNews has recognized our efforts, placing us among the “25 Innovators in Construction” for 2023.

Find out who made the list: readsitenews.com/25-innovators-winners/


When should you publicly announce being named to SiteNews’s 25 Innovators in Construction 2023 list?

Please hold off until September 7th to post on your social media channels.

Who can I message for any support or questions?

Please send a message to russell@readsitenews.com or hello@readsitenews.com should you have any questions and we’ll be happy to accommodate you!

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