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Crewscope 2023 Winner

Top Innovator

Crewscope is an app that helps set weekly production targets. When goals are hit, the project stays on schedule, and crews earn rewards for their excellent work.

What makes them an innovator:

  • Crewscope has developed software that focuses on objective-based incentive programs for construction crews. It allows site leaders to set and communicate weekly goals, which are then tracked. Achieving these goals earns crews points redeemable for rewards.
  • Unlike other software in the sector, Crewscope is designed with the worker in mind. It eliminates the need for passwords, app installations, or company devices, making it highly accessible and popular among workers.
  • As a new startup, Crewscope is already collaborating with major heavy civil companies across Canada, aiming to improve the efficiency of infrastructure development.

This has been shown to keep the crew focused on the goal, motivate them, and help build high-efficiency teams which help increase productivity and profits and retain and attract skilled workers.

– Highlight from nomination


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