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Clark Builders 2023 Winner

Top Innovator

Clark Builders is one of Canada’s top general contractors with extensive experience in commercial, institutional and industrial construction, operating across Western and Northern Canada. Its head office is located in Edmonton with branch offices in Calgary, Vancouver and Yellowknife.

What makes them an innovator:

  • Clark’s team leverages advanced tools like Building Information Modelling (BIM) and 3D Lidar Laser Scanning to redefine construction projects, delivering unparalleled value to clients.
  • They were the first general contractor in Alberta to require safety helmets with chin straps for their workers, significantly reducing the risk of serious injuries.
  • Clark Builders is a certified living wage employer and offers comprehensive benefits from day one, emphasizing the physical and mental well-being of their workforce.
  • The company employs sophisticated technologies, such as drones with photogrammetry capabilities and mixed reality, to enhance project planning and execution.

At Clark Builders, our commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology sets us apart in the construction industry. By harnessing the power of advanced tools and processes, we have redefined how construction projects are executed, ultimately delivering unparalleled value to our clients

– Highlight from the nomination


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