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Brickeye 2023 Winner

Top Innovator

Brickeye IoT (Internet of Things) solutions monitor assets and processes across various industries and generate data and insights for better decision making. Their end-to-end IoT solutions combine the latest technologies of sensors, connectivity, software, and analytics to expand the bounds of innovation among industries.

What makes them an innovator:

  • The company is a pioneer in developing an integrated hardware and software platform specifically for construction. They focus on concrete monitoring, water damage mitigation, and environmental risk solutions.
  • Brickeye fosters a culture of innovation and creativity among its employees. They assign challenging projects that allow for skill development and maintain a positive work culture.
  • Brickeye collaborates closely with the insurance industry, providing real-time visibility and alerts on job site risks, thereby reducing insurance costs and claims.

Great challenges bring great opportunities, and Brickeye is well positioned to help a critical industry build safer, smarter and better. As the construction industry continues to rapidly grow across North America, the need for risk mitigation and modern construction technologies grows with it.

– Highlight from the nomination


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