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PLAEX Building Systems Inc. 2023 Winner

Top Innovator

PLAEX was Founded by Dustin Bowers after the birth of his child inspired him to improve the planet. The company manufactures a sustainable building material and innovative interlocking system designed to address the numerous construction and sustainability challenges.

What makes them innovative:

  • PLAEX’s modular building system is made from over 90% recycled waste materials, outperforming traditional concrete in water absorption and compressive strength.
  • For every 100 bricks produced, PLAEX offsets one tonne of CO2. Their products have a predicted 100-year lifespan and can be recycled.
  • PLAEX has formed significant partnerships for material testing and youth employment, among other initiatives.

PLAEX was developed from the dream to create a solution to the massive amounts of construction waste that is present at virtually every job site around the world. Through many iterations, the PLAEX-Crete material was born but the problem was only half solved. Modular building with interlocking systems ensures even less waste. PLAEX will continue to innovate with ever evolving applications, designs as well as the use of automation for production.

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