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Carbon Upcycling Technologies 2023 Winner

Top Innovator

Carbon Upcycling is a waste and carbon utilization company unlocking a new frontier of circular materials. Applying our novel technology platform, they enable hard-to-decarbonize industry to transform local industrial byproducts and natural materials into superior additives.

What makes them an innovator:

  • Carbon Upcycling has set their sights on using technology to decarbonize the cement industry.
  • They are the first company to use carbon emissions to enhance industrial byproducts into supplementary cementitious materials at a commercial scale.
  • Since 2021, the company has reclaimed over 2,100 tonnes of landfilled fly ash and abated ~882 tCO2, contributing to sustainable construction.
  • They are partnered with some of the largest cement producers globally, like CRH, CEMEX, and Holcim, to deploy large-scale commercial projects.

The integration of large-scale carbon capture technology is hampered by expensive R&D and accessibility, resulting in a solution that is years away. Our technology bridges the gap between now and the future, providing industry with a proven decarbonization solution that works today.

– Highlight from the application


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