SiteViews: February, 2024

We rounded up the best construction shots the month had to offer.

Spring has not yet fully sprung in many parts of Canada, but builders are forging ahead. This month we checked out some furry visitors, enjoyed some lakeside views admired some epic pours.

Orion Construction

Orion Construction‘s team celebrates employee appreciation day from the inside of one of its industrial projects.

Fast + Epp

Ādisōke, the new Ottawa Public Library – Library and Archives Canada joint facility, continues to take shape. The project is targeting Net-Zero Carbon and LEED Gold certification, and includes large-scale use of natural materials, reclaimed wood, solar cells on rooftop panels, as well as sequestered carbon in the concrete.


A tieback drill rig helps reinforce excavation as crews work on the Ontario Line.

Greg Tymchyna / Fort Modular

The sun hits a project just right as Fort Modular crews prep for a build.


Glulam frames are lifted up to form the roof of the Fraser Mills Presentation Centre.

WZMH Architects

WZMH staff got a special visit last month. Corporate Canine Therapy brought their fleet of stress-relieving dogs to give employees a mood boost.

TYBO Contracting

B.C.-based TYBO Contracting uses heavy equipment to prep a site.

Komplete Modular Solutions

Alberta-based Komplete Modular Solutions‘ team smiles through a chilly winter day on site.

Mack Plovie / T & A Rock Works

T & A Rock Works crews operate an excavator-mounted drill rig for work on a home development high above Okanagan Lake.


Chandos‘ Ottawa team pours the concrete foundation walls for the future Petrie Island Canoe Club boathouse. Once the foundation walls are complete, they will receive unique precast concrete modules.

Charlton Mosdier / Pomerleau

Crews at Annacis Island Wastewater Treatment Plant have successfully utilized PERI formwork panels to pour the lower section of the Outfall Shaft’s Dividing Wall. 

The shot of the month goes to…

Lafarge Canada

Some furry friends pay a visit to Lafarge‘s cement plant in Exshaw, Alberta, the largest cement plant in the country.


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