Q&A: Going green one bin at a time

GB Group is launching a new initiative that builds forests when clients fill bins.

Vancouver-based construction waste disposal company GB Group started back in 2004 with just one truck and 20 bins. Now they have 18 roll-up trucks, roughly 400 bins in all shapes and sizes, and about 35 employees. The family business is run by Bryan VanderHoek and his son Tyler with a focus on supporting employees and advancing sustainability. 

SiteNews: What does sustainability mean to you and GB Group?

Tyler VanderHoek: My family has always been outdoorsy. We go camping all summer, ride mountain bikes and hike, so we believe in treating the outdoors with respect. It’s also why we are starting a brand new tree planting initiative where we plant one tree for every bin used. If you dump a bin with us, we plant a tree. And a tower project can generate 250 bins a year. We want to bring more forest into the world and that’s why it’s cool to us. We have a direct relationship to the environment.

Why do you place so much importance on your employees?

Our drivers are the ones doing the work. If we don’t have them, we don’t have anything. We believe in building careers that people can be proud of. You can roll up in a brand new Peterbilt and make 20 per cent more than our competitors. We like to bring on board young people and then promote them because it is an aging industry. 

What sort of data do you track for clients?

We track every single thing that goes into the bin – cardboard, metal, plastic, garbage. We then provide those metrics in percentages for the clients so they can see what’s in there. Those reports are called LEED reports. We track LEED on every site whether you ask us to or not because then we can provide waste assessments. Seeing higher garbage percentages in a report indicates to us that more materials could be recycled.

Why should companies hire GB Group? And how should they get in touch?

We are truly solutions focused and family driven. We have been doing this for over 20+ years and have the size, scale and specialization that can be counted on for complex projects. Our clients are building some of the biggest projects in Western Canada – and we are trusted to deliver. We are not a big multinational but a family business that always stands behind our brand and people. To get in touch, call 604-468-2467.


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