Profiling Canada’s fastest-growing builders

Construction as an industry is taking off when it comes to generating revenue.

Construction is dominating Canada’s business scene.

The latest Top Growing Companies list from the Globe and Mail reveals a trend: for the second year in a row, the top spot went to a construction-related company. This sector’s prominence extends throughout the list, with numerous other builders standing out among the 425 top firms.

Our examination centers on the fastest-growing builders, distinct from the engineering, tech, and manufacturing sectors that are also making major strides in Canada’s economy.

Subterra Renewables

Subterra Renewables is an underground underdog that snagged the number one spot as Canada’s fastest growing company. The full-service geothermal drilling provider has over 500 projects completed in multi-res, single family and commercial sectors across Canada and the U.S. Lucie Andlauer, the CEO behind Subterra, has embraced an energy as a service business model that allows developers to install the complete geothermal exchange system at no upfront capital cost. Subterra believes this is the best way to unlock the value of geothermal exchange while mitigating risk. 

HKC Construction 

HKC celebrates its employee of the month. – HKC

After more than 10 years in the Greater Toronto Area, HKC is taking off. The contractor tackles commercial, industrial, retail, institutional and other project services. The HKC team attributed their success to three things: putting innovation at the forefront, their culture of excellence and having a customer-centric approach. 

The recognition as the 28th top growing company is a moment of immense pride for the entire HKC Construction team. It validates our efforts, fuels our passion, and motivates us to reach for the stars. We are grateful to our clients, partners, and employees for being a part of this incredible journey.


Astro Excavating

Sometimes it pays to be a specialist rather than a generalist. Ontario-based Astro chose to go all-in on digging. A quick glance at their project list shows condo after condo, highlighting their role in creating more housing for the Greater Toronto Area. 

Orion Construction 

Orion is no stranger to growth. Last year they took the top spot on the list and are still on an upward trajectory. Helmed by Josh Gaglardi, Orion says that a major part of its success has been mastering the design-build model and assembling a high-quality team.


UTILE celebrates the opening of L’Ardoise, its first non-profit student housing building in Quebec City. – UTILE

The Quebec-based builder boasts that it is the only social economy organization that specializes in student housing in the province. And UTILE’s approach is paying off, ranking them in the top 100. 

“This recognition is particularly dear to us because it illustrates that with the social economy, it is entirely possible to combine the agility and dynamism generally attributed to the private sector with the achievement of social objectives.”



Jenn Denouden, Avana president and CEO, talks about being a female leader in a male dominated industry. – Jenn Denouden/YouTube

Based in Saskatchewan, Avana is unapologetically female-led and family-focused. President & CEO of Avana, Jenn Denouden, has been outspoken about her company’s mission to provide affordable housing to women and children, particularly those who are fleeing violence. Since its founding in 2014, Avana has proven that you can prioritize social responsibility and turn a profit. The company says it has more than $400 million in assets under management. It also started the Avana Foundation, which supports a plethora of charities. 

Ace of Decks

Started by 14-year-olds riding bikes with bags of tools, Ace has grown into a premier deck builder in the Montreal area. The team says they can handle anything, from roof top terrasses to small balconies. Their portfolios even showcases bespoke work wrapping decks around trees.

Catanzaro Mechanical

The company was founded in 2017 by Guy Catanzaro to serve the industrial, commercial, and institutional construction sector. It has gone on to become one of the most sought-after mechanical contractors in the Greater Toronto Area.

The Catanzaro name had been well-established within the MEP trades for over 50 years. There isn’t a prominent building in Toronto, that we, as a family, have not serviced”

Guy Catanzaro, President and CEO, Catanzaro Mechanical

Luxton Construction

Luxton Construction is a full-service General Contractor based in Vancouver that offers a diverse range of services including general contracting, design-build, and project management services under a variety of contracting methods. The company says it has rooted its growth in seven core values: safety, environment, quality, honesty/integrity, community, people and clients.

Marlin Spring

Marlin Spring breaks ground on The Dawes, a Toronto condo project. – Marlin Spring

Marlin Spring is a fully integrated real estate company that strategically acquires, develops, constructs and repositions assets throughout North America. One of its current Canadian projects is a multi-tower development proposed for Etobicoke that would add more than 1,000 units of housing to the city.


miEnergy is on a mission to turn Canada’s prairies green. The geothermal and solar company specializes in turnkey energy projects for residential and agricultural clients in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. They also are a Certified B Corp, an impressive accomplishment for any company. They are currently the largest renewable energy company in Saskatchewan with over 1,500 systems installed.

Vinland Homes

One of Vinland Homes’ builds. – Vinland Homes

Custom builds to stock plans, infills, and teardowns — Vinland does it all for those looking for a home in Saskatchewan. Vinland says its professionals work with leading, upscale materials to deliver a finished product that outshines the competition and exceeds industry standards.

Black-hart Construction

Blackhart breaks ground on the Canadian Brewhouse project in Kitchener, Ont. – Blackhart

Led by Jordan Hart, director of operations, and John Black, director of construction, Black-hart says its steady growth is due to reinvesting in its development by attracting new team members. Based in Oakville, Ont. the company says it also focuses on being at the forefront of technology and project management. The team says it offers meticulous process of design, budget and schedule, and subcontracting.


RITESTART worked on the Jalynn Bennett Amphitheatre at Trent University in Peterborough, Ont. – RITESTART

Established in Ontario in 2015, RITESTART is a general contractor, design-builder and construction manager that specializes in institutional, industrial, and commercial construction projects. The company says one its major values and priorities is strong relationships. So far, they have completed more than $65 million worth of work and it’s their fourth time on the Top Growing Companies list.

Vesta Properties

Crews work on The Towers in Langley, B.C. – Steve Mills/ VP Construction at Vesta

Vesta is no stranger to accolades. It has been awarded the UDI Awards for Excellence- Best of the Fraser Valley, and Canadian Homebuilder Association of BC – Multi-Family and Single-Family Home Builder of the Year. Many have benefitted from their work. The company has been building since 1989 and has created more than 6,000 homes in Alberta and B.C.

Ehrenburg Homes

While their methods are modern, Ehrenburg has a medieval connection. Ehrenburg Homes was named in homage to Ehrenburg Castle in Germany. The castle, which was built around 1100, still stands today as a testament to the longevity of true craftsmanship. When Joe Ehr founded Ehrenburg Homes in 1983, he wanted to create a company dedicated to providing quality in every aspect of home construction.

In-Depth Contracting

In-Depth Contracting is an Ottawa based heavy civil construction company with more than 20 years of experience in large-scale excavations, watermain and sewer installations, culvert replacements, shoring system installations, demolition, bridge rehabilitation, and paving. Its core values include accountability, engagement, innovation, adaptability, communication and integrity.

Jablonski Electric, Plumbing & Heating

Jablonski has been keeping the lights on and the water flowing for Manitobans since 2012. They specialize in electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling for residential, commercial and industrial clients.


VersaPile crews work on a geothermal. – VersaPile

When it comes to helical piles, deep foundation solution suitable for supporting light and heavy structures, VersaPile is crushing it in central Canada. Their team specializes in deep foundations for hydro transmission lines, substations, wireless and telecommunication towers, oil and gas facilities, and pipelines, industrial structures, municipal and government projects, and more. VersaPile is also a Certified Aboriginal Business.

Our whole team is proud to receive recognition for the dedication we bring to work every day. I firmly believe it’s our commitment to shockingly-good service and willingness to disrupt the status quo to achieve better results that has led to our rapid growth. We are honoured to be one of Canada’s Top Growing Companies and look forward to serving more customers as we expand to Southern Ontario.

Stan Higgins, VersaPile Founder

VPAC Construction Group

The Ashlu is a six-storey, mixed-use building in Squamish, B.C. – VPAC

VPAC has spent the past 20 years honing their design and build skills to deliver a full spectrum of pre-construction and construction management, and general contracting services for commercial, multi-family, and seniors’ housing projects. They also are experts in integrated project delivery. Their team is currently nearing completion on a major redevelopment of the Chain and Forge building on Granville Island in Vancouver.

This accomplishment comes as a testament to VPAC’s 22 years of delivering successful construction projects around British Columbia. We’re proud of our continued growth and would like to thank our incredible team, clients, and partners who have supported us throughout this journey. Together, we’re building a better future, one project at a time.


Coffrages Synergy Formwork

Coffrages team helps demobilize the last tower crane at the Maestria Condominiums project, the highest residential tower in Montreal. – Coffrages

Coffrages is not messing around when it comes to formwork. Their team has completed 6,800 projects in eastern Canada. They boast a fleet of 16 natural gas-powered trucks that can make daily deliveries from its prefabrication plants. They manufacture roughly 40,000 square feet of formwork material each week. This gives them the capacity to deliver large-scale projects.


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