Modular units sport giant moustaches for men’s health

Fort Modular is supporting Movember efforts with these handsome units.

Fort Modular’s team shows off one of their special Movember units. – Fort Modular

Key Takeaways:

  • Movember campaigns highlight often overlooked men’s health issues.
  • Fort Modular is encouraging their customers to contribute to Movember causes through a new campaign.
  • The company noted that construction workers have been hit particularly hard by mental health and substance use issues.

The Whole Story:

You’d be hard pressed to find another building this handsome. 

Fort Modular, a B.C.-based modular building supplier has started a new initiative to raise money for and to bring awareness to men’s health issues. 

“The guys really wanted to lean into a charity that was relevant to the industry,” said Fort’s business development and indigenous relations manager. “We have done Movember in years past but we thought about how we could take it to the next level. The idea was to put a giant mustache on buildings to market it to different people in the industry, create some buzz for the foundation itself and get people excited about it.”

The team collaborated with men’s charity Movember to create Movember Modular Space Solution units with giant mustaches on the side. Clients who rent the handsome, groomed units commit to an annual donation of at least $1,000 to support the Fort Modular campaign while the buildings are on their job sites. 

“The construction industry needs this more than anyone else,” said Brezden. “Lots of guys are stressed out, they don’t get to take breaks, they don’t talk about their personal life or how they are feeling. We want to create space in a funny way for guys to open up to other guys about struggles they might be dealing with.” 

The modular units are also intended to educate. They display the following stats about men’s health in the construction sector:

  • 30 per cent of opioid deaths are from the construction industry.
  • 83 per cent of construction industry workers have experienced some form of moderate to severe mental health issue. 
  • Suicide rates in the construction industry are up to 3 time higher than in other industries.
  • At least one in five construction workers suffer from mental illness.
  • Only 17 per cent of construction workers said they would discuss mental health issues with a supervisor.

Those looking to donate to Fort Modular’s campaign directly can do so here.

“Men are really struggling lin this industry and there isn’t a lot of support when it comes to health and wellness,” said Brezden. “They guys are really busy and people are starting to realize that in order to keep their guys healthy and working, they have to check in and make sure they are doing OK.”


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