Historic Canadian solar project reaches substantial completion

The future looks bright for Alberta power.

The project site is in Alberta’s Vulcan County. – Greengate

Key Takeaways:

  • The project began development in 2017.
  • In includes roughly 1.3 million solar panels.
  • It’s expected to generate electricity in Alberta for more than 35 years.

The Whole Story:

The largest solar project in Canadian history has reached substantial completion. 

The project team – which includes PCL Construction, Greengate and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners – announced this month that the Travers Solar Project is substantially completed. 

The Alberta project first began development in 2017 and includes approximately 3,330 acres of land located eight kilometres southwest of the Village of Lomond, in Vulcan County. The project is located on privately owned, cultivated and grazing land. It includes approximately 1.3 million solar panels

According to project officials, the site has a strong solar resource, which is characteristic of Alberta’s resource, and the project will generate clean energy over its 35+ year lifetime.

The project is 465 megawatts (MW) in size. Work involved installing solar PV modules, power conversion stations, an electrical collection system, access roads and the construction of the Little Bow Project Substation to connect to the Alberta Interconnected Electric System. 

When work began, the project team expected a total capital cost of approximately $700 million. It’s expected to generate enough power for more than 150,000 homes.


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