Funding flows to Manitoba wastewater treatment project

Millions in funding will go towards a new facility which aims to upgrade wastewater treatment for communities near Niverville, Man.

Niverville, Man. as it appears from the air.

An aerial photo shows Niverville, Man. – City of Niverville

Key Takeaways:

  • Niverville, Taché, Hanover and Ritchot in Manitoba will benefit from the new facility.
  • The mechanical treatment facility will allow these cities to shift away from less efficient methods.
  • Project work includes installing roughly 90 kilometres of effluent pipeline.

The Whole Story:

Officials announced more than $39 million in funding will go towards the construction of a regional mechanical wastewater treatment facility and collection network to service four communities in southeastern Manitoba.

The Red-Seine-Rat (RSR) Wastewater Treatment Facility & Conveyance System will provide the municipalities of Niverville, Taché, Hanover and Ritchot with a new regional wastewater treatment facility to help keep up with current and future population demands. 

The work will include the installation of a wastewater conveyance system with approximately 90 kilometres of effluent pipeline as well as new lift stations and pump stations.

Officials say the facility will increase the region’s capacity to treat and manage wastewater and stormwater, improve the environmental stewardship of the region and encourage economic growth.

They added that it will also result in greenhouse gas reductions as regional partners are able to move away from traditional wastewater lagoons to a new mechanical wastewater treatment facility.

Ottawa will contribute $21.6 million to the project through the Green Infrastructure Stream of the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program. The province plans to invest over $18 million and the contribution from the proponent is more than $70.2 million.

“Manitoba is home to some of the largest freshwater bodies in the world, and today, we are acting on our collective responsibility to safeguard their health,” said Terry Duguid, minister of the environment and climate change. “By investing in this novel wastewater treatment infrastructure, we are creating better environmental, economic and social outcomes for all Manitobans. This project is another example of what can be accomplished when all levels of government work together.”


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