End-to-end management: Reveloper is simplifying real estate development

Reveloper is on a mission to use their technology platform and in-depth knowledge to simplify and democratize real estate development for property owners everywhere.

Geoff Krahn, founder and CEO, Reveloper

When you’re trying to buy a house or apartment, most people use a local realtor, and when handling their investment portfolio, they use an investment manager. But what are your options if you have a property that may have further development potential or is currently underdeveloped? Where do you turn and how do you even know what the development potential of your property is?

“I know from experience, I grew up in the construction and real estate industry, but when I was first starting out in development, I didn’t know who could really help,” explained engineer and entrepreneur Geoff Krahn. “There are tons of great developers, professionals, architects, engineers, contractors out there, but there was no service and platform that really pulled everything together into a simplified process with full transparency,” noted Krahn. “I struggled through my first projects, and I thought about how hard it would be for a person who was not in the industry, day-in and day-out.”

Krahn decided that if this was an issue for him, it must be for others. He searched for a better and easier way to  help people who wanted to develop, but there was nothing that truly filled this gap. He decided to step in and fill that gap himself.

“I started to create the company, process and technology that became Reveloper,” explained Krahn. “Why could you check the status of your investments online, but not for a development project? The experience and technology was there, but putting it all together in a simple and repeatable process that was not yet done. I wanted to simplify the entire process and make it accessible for more people. Whether they owned a single property or many properties.”

Benefits to property owners

Krahn wanted a typical property owner to not just have the same  access and advantages of a typical large-scale developer, but more.

“Most property owners aren’t large scale real estate developers,” explained Krahn. “Real estate development is tough. Many developers have in-house specialists, project managers, legal counsel and resources that just are not available to the average property owner.”

But he knew that there was huge financial potential to the property owner, if done right. 

“It doesn’t need to be so hard, time consuming and stressful,” he said. “From feasibility and financial analysis, through permitting, construction and sales or leasing. Reveloper gets you access to the best local architects, engineers, contractors and realtors, which you would typically not, if trying to do this on your own.”

Understanding that he wanted to leverage the existing expertise of those in the construction and real estate industry, Krahn did not try to integrate all those involved in construction or development  into an existing company.  

“Our job is to be the single point of contact and  facilitate the development process,” said Krahn. “We wanted both the property owners and all those involved in the development process to benefit. The owners get a much more valuable developed property and the architects, engineers, brokers and contractors get a simplified process in which they don’t need to focus so much on the coordination/administration items that eat up their time and focus on utilizing their expertise to deliver the best possible service and end-product.”

It’s a win-win for all parties involved. For the property owners, the value that it can create is huge. Some property owners are wary of selling or developing  property, as  property has increased in value so much over the years they have held it. The properties are income producing and cash flow positive with little debt on them.

“They don’t ever want to sell the property and are holding the property because it has increased so much in value,” Noted Krahn. “But what’s better: a 10% increase on a $2-million dollar ($200,000 ) undeveloped property or a 10% increase on a $10-million dollar ($1 million) developed property?”

Providing more options with a focused approach

Krahn states that typically there were limited options for these owners – leave the property as is, sell the property or do it yourself.

“Often option one and two are selected and properties are left underutilized or sold off,” explained Krahn. “Leaving the owner to potentially forego a huge amount of value. We are providing a simpler option which allows you to reap the benefit of development while minimizing the risk and resources required. And doing it with more efficiency and transparency.” 

Wanting to keep a singular focus to deliver the best possible service and platform, Reveloper has kept its focus on industrial and commercial development.

“We wanted to create the best possible service and access for our clients, the property owners,” said Krahn. “Our specialized development dashboard allows you to always know what is going on and gives you more control — which is completely unique to the current way of doing things.  From live updates and financials to construction photos and video — it’s as easy as checking your online bank account.”

The response was overwhelmingly positive, as many people, even those in the industry, were frustrated with the shortcomings and standard ways of doing things. 

A leader in technology

Krahn believes in using technology to aid in this process, but by only using it strategically as an enhancement to those involved and not as a replacement. 

“Real estate is full of what I call the three ‘R’s: Relationships, Reputation and Referrals,” Krahn noted. “In the end, it’s a people-based industry. We greatly understand and appreciate this. We are simply using our technology and platform to amplify the abilities of these talented professionals, making them able to better scale their abilities, by removing tedious tasks and confusion from lack of clarity.”

This focus on improvement, simplification and enhancement of the entire process, can be seen in every part of the development process. 

“We have worked hard to improve all areas of the development process,” stated Krahn. “From using GIS data and AI to greatly improve the feasibility analysis for properties all the way to easier ways to collect and store the data for the tenants and end user.”

Krahn is proud of the full end-to-end development management service they have created and believe that it is unmatched in the development industry.

“Our development managers and software make the entire process simpler and more efficient. Combine all this with an online dashboard, document storage, and everyone involved is able to rest assured, knowing that they are getting the best experience and outcome possible.”

If you’re interested in the development potential of your property, explore the development feasibility possibilities that Reveloper can provide today. They’re your partner in developing industrial and commercial properties.


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