Carbon tracking software announces major partnerships

Gravity Climate believes that the move will make their tools more accessible.

Gravity Climate

Key Takeaways

  • Gravity Climate is stacking up partnerships to enhance its carbon footprint tracking tools.
  • They recently announced partnerships with Procore and Xometry.
  • Gravity officials believe there will be more and more demand for empirical data in construction, particularly on the materials side.

The Whole Story

Gravity Climate, a company helping industrial businesses and their supply chain partners manage their carbon footprint, is lining up partnerships to enhance its services. 

Last fall they announced a technology integration with construction management software giant Procore. Procore users can leverage Gravity’s sustainability insights in project planning and bids via an embedded app with one click.

“The timing of this partnership is crucial,” said Kris Lengieza, vice president of global partnerships and alliances at Procore. “Technologies like Gravity make it possible for Procore’s customers to incorporate emissions data into their business planning and project management. We’re excited to work with Gravity to solve this problem for the industry.” 

This month, Gravity Climate also announced a partnership with Xometry, a global online marketplace connecting enterprise buyers with suppliers of manufacturing services. The new integration, powered by the Gravity API, instantly calculates carbon emissions estimates for Xometry order requests in real-time. Gravity Climate purpose-built the database for Xometry, incorporating the latest climate science and data related to product material, manufacturing processes, mass, and geography.

Gravity Climate launched last year with $5 million in seed funding from Eclipse Ventures and several new customer engagements with mid-sized manufacturers and industrial-focused private equity firms. 

The motivating factor for building Gravity was the opportunity to apply new technology to industrial supply chains, which are responsible for over 40% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

Founder Saleh ElHattab explained that he started Gravity after spending years working for companies like Salesforce and Samsara

“I ended up expanding to cover physical operations with hardware and software and I fell in love with the physical industry and the data,” he said. “We help some of the most carbon intensive industries through the entirety of the building’s lifecycle. This is choosing materials, construction and then the actual building management.”

A screenshot shows Gravity’s dashboard. – Gravity Climate

He believes that working with existing software providers makes it easier for the industry to access decarbonization tools. 

“There are major benefits to working with a large company like Procore or any organization that has a significant consumer base and data that aligns with our mission,” said ElHattab It lowers the barrier of entry for organizations who don’t have the time or budget surplus on consultants or internal hires. We want to make it easy if you are already familiar with these systems.”

ElHattab believes there will be an increasing demand to measure the emissions impact of materials beyond measuring utilities or fuel. 

“I think there is going to be a massive trend towards empirical data. Even just a few years back, early adopters who reached out to supply chains couldn’t get the info needed to get high quality estimates,” said ElHattab. “The trend we are seeing is that more and more of these construction and industrial companies are starting to be market compelled to find and elevate empirical data about their emissions, consumption of fuel and raw materials.” 


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