B.C. contractor looks to the ‘Future of Work’

Pitt Meadows Plumbing and Mechanical Systems is calling for an Industrialized Construction revolution.

Pitt Meadows Plumbing and Mechanical Systems

A B.C. contractor is on a mission to revolutionize construction. 

Pitt Meadows Plumbing and Mechanical Systems (PMP) has been on a path for over a decade to transform its own techniques and processes using BIM, robotics, prefabrication and more. Now, they are looking to share what they have learned to help the entire industry progress. 

Jumping in with both feet

Sam Revel, PMP’s Senior Prefabrication Manager, explained that the company’s journey to the cutting edge began from the top. 

“It really started with Steve Robinson, our president,” said Revel. “He was looking at the marketplace we operate in and looked to Europe for inspiration. We were trying to see where the industry was headed.” 

One of the initial changes the company responded to was Revit becoming more common with architects and consultants. 

“We jumped in with both feet, also starting a prefabrication shop. It was one BIM modeler and 7,000 square feet of space and we have kind of built it out from there. We ran down that path and followed where it was going, just looking at what the next thing is for the industry.” 

PMP has stayed up to date on the cutting edge by attending international fabrication and manufacturing conferences where they were able to learn about modeling, offsite construction, automation and robotics. 

“Everyone is talking about the same things: the transition to modelling and offsite construction and the leap into manufacturing and robotics,” said Revel. “There is no official term for this shift, but many are calling it ‘Industrialized Construction’. We are using that as a guiding light going forward. The next step is changing all the components we make into standardized products rather than individual snowflakes.” 

Looking to the ‘Future of Work’

To spur on the Industrialized Construction revolution and to generate interest in modern construction PMP is partnering with Viega to host an event about the Future of Work. 

The April 22 Future of Work Event will be at PMP’s shop, located at 20142 113B Avenue in Maple Ridge. It will feature a morning session for parents and students to learn about how construction careers and how work is changing.

There will be an evening session for the industry to network and learn more about Industrialized Construction and what cutting edge companies are doing. 

The event will feature a keynote address from Autodesk’s VP of Industrialized Construction Strategy and Evangelism, and YouTube’s Queen of Prefab, Amy Marks. She will discuss what the next 25 years in construction will look like, highlighting innovative solutions and the endless opportunities available to people seeking a career in the trades, engineering, manufacturing and construction. Marks will also discuss how these changes will lead to a more sustainable and efficient industry.  

There will also be vendor booths and opportunities to get hands on with some of the latest manufacturing and construction technology. 

“How does this transition impact the industry?” said Revel. “The afternoon is really about bringing that info to our industry partners. We are trying to share this impact with the B.C. marketplace. A rising tide raises all ships.”

An Industrialized Construction revolution

Revel said PMP is wanting to connect with others in the B.C. industry and encourage them to join the Industrialized Construction revolution.

“We need to change our expected experience of construction,” said Revel. “Right now it is crazy. Everything is bespoke and custom. Everyone is trying their best to collaborate, but we end up with trade stacking and inefficient work. We need a cohesive approach” 

Revel noted that if B.C. is going to address the skilled trades gap, the housing crisis and hit climate goals, the overall process of construction has to change.

“The ultimate goal is to close the gap between the typical 75 per cent efficiency in construction to the 95 per cent efficiency of manufacturing,” said Revel. “Construction has been stagnant with efficiency and I think an Industrialized Construction revolution is the only way we can increase it from where we are.”

Attend the Future of Work event April 22

Sign up here and use promo code “SITENEWS20” by April 11 to get 20% off tickets to the afternoon industry networking event. This event is geared towards general contractors, suppliers, trade workers, developers, owners and others in the construction sector. 

FREE Tickets for students and their parents to attend the morning event are also available. This session is geared towards those interested in learning more about careers in the trades, engineering, manufacturing and construction. 


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