App developer focuses on capturing jobsite conversations

Level Bot is developing a tool that will leverage by power of voice and chat bot technology.

A rendering shows Level Bot’s voice and chat bot technology in action. – Level Bot

Key Takeaways:

  • Level Bot Technology is developing an app that can use voice transcription technology to capture and communicate data on jobsites.
  • The technology will be able to integrate into existing solutions, like Procore.
  • Level Bot believes the app could also be used to help translate information for workers who speak different languages and to identify those who are struggling with mental health issues.

The Whole Story:

Brey Tucker wants to talk about talking. 

For years, he’s been pondering how workers communicate information on jobsites and how it can be assisted by voice technology.  

“I’ve been thinking about voice technology for a while now,” said Tucker. “I used to be a skyscraper architect. One of the things we looked at was using voice in virtual reality. What struck me was how powerful voice is when you can create a transcript and add info to plans. That was sitting in my mind for ten years.” 

While working as director of innovation for ETRO Construction he found that despite being given digital solutions, workers still shared some information with their voices. 

“One of the biggest problems in site capture was just getting data into the site platform,” he said. “It doesn’t matter what solution is used, site workers hate data entry – but they talk a lot on site. They talk through walkie-talkies and between people. That is where the data is. It’s in their minds.” 

While working for Autodesk on how to integrate with BIM he suggested using voice AI but was told it was too big a risk. Instead, he was allowed to leave and pursue it on his own with Ventana Construction.

“They had been building their own management solutions for 20 years and had been talking about taking what they had to market,” said Tucker. “I told them about this voice idea and how simple it was to gather evidence and capture communications. They were into it and that was how it came together.”

The result was Level Bot Technologies, and they plan to release their communication and site documentation app this fall. Tucker explained that the app will be able to message others, gather data and fill out forms by just using one’s voice and chat bot technology. The app is flexible and can integrate with existing platforms many companies use, like Procore. 

He believes this could be especially useful for sites that have multiple languages being spoken. 

“What is awesome about natural language processing is that it can do translation on the fly in real time,” said Tucker. “If you have a form in English, any of the languages we support can distribute that information to the worker in their preferred language.”

Tucker said this could be used to ensure that critical safety information is relayed, understood and documented. The first two languages that the app will support are English and Spanish. Tucker says the app will see real beta testing on a site in a few months, but right now the team has only been testing singular features.

“The main thing about the app is that it is really simple, so messaging, answering forms and capturing evidence can all be done on any smartphone,” he said. 

Level Bot also wants to address one of the industry’s biggest issues: mental health.

“One of the biggest things we see happening is construction that is concerning is the mental health crisis,” said Tucker. “There’s lots of depression, high suicide rates. As of last year, it was more likely for you to commit suicide than to die from a work-related incident.” 

They are looking at partnering with health technology companies to develop a free questionnaire to assist in identifying workers who are struggling. Tucker noted that there is also promising research into how voice technology could be used to detect fatigue, depression and even some forms of cancer. 

“We want to keep the industry as healthy as we can and want to support unions and trades who are looking to do something about the mental health crisis,” said Tucker. “We won’t ever be a health provider but will enable this for builders with health provider partners.”


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