Advanced Construction Robotics teams up with Nucor Rebar

The companies aim to make rebar work faster and safer.

Key Takeaways:

  • Advanced Construction Robotics (ACR) is partnering with Nucor, a major rebar installer, to integrate ACR’s robotic rebar tying solution, TyBOT, into Nucor’s operations.
  • The collaboration aims to enhance job site safety by reducing physical strain on workers. It also suggests that TyBOT can increase productivity and improve overall efficiency in rebar installation.
  • The agreement highlights a growing industry interest in using advanced technologies to improve construction processes.

The Whole Story:

Advanced Construction Robotics (ACR), announced it has entered into an agreement with Nucor Rebar Fabrication, Inc. (Nucor), North America’s largest fabricator and installer of rebar. This partnership will introduce cutting-edge technologies into Nucor’s operations.

Nucor Rebar Fabrication will be integrating TyBOT, ACR’s robotic rebar tying solution, with its crew for rebar installation projects, with the first unit being delivered to Washington State. Officials say the partnership will augment Nucor’s crews by increasing productivity, reducing physical strain on workers, and improving job site safety in a seamless integration of innovation and efficiency.

Danielle Proctor, President and CEO of Advanced Construction Robotics, expressed her enthusiasm about the collaboration: “We are excited to partner with Nucor, a company that shares our vision for innovation and excellence in the construction industry. This partnership not only demonstrates Nucor’s commitment to adopting cutting-edge technologies but also sets a new standard for efficiency and safety in rebar installation.”

Stephen Muck, Founder and Executive Chairman of ACR, added, “Through this partnership, we are not just integrating TyBOT into Nucor’s operations; we are also setting the stage for a broader adoption of construction robotics across the industry. Our mission has always been to enhance the capabilities of construction crews with advanced technology, and this collaboration with Nucor is a testament to the industry’s readiness for change. We are proud to be at the forefront of this evolution.”

This partnership between ACR and Nucor Rebar Fabrication not only highlights a shared commitment to safety and advancing construction technology, but also marks a significant milestone in the commercialization and distribution of robotic solutions. 

“As a leader in the industry, partnering with ACR allows us to enhance job site safety for our team and brings much needed innovation to the industry,” said Chad Beard, president Nucor Rebar Fabrication.


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