Rob Clifford 2022 Winner

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Salus


Rob Clifford, co-founder and CTO of Salus, has a passion for developing people as well as software. At Salus, he has built and led a team of engineers in bringing to life a health and safety software platform that mirrors industry best-practice workflows with a high degree of usability.

Despite a lack of prior ties to the construction industry, Clifford saw merit in an idea presented by company CEO, Gabe Guetta, who was running a large high-rise window installation company at the time. Facing challenges around managing his own company’s safety, Guetta approached Clifford for a possible solution. Immersing himself into the industry, Clifford went to work to gain a deep understanding of the regulatory requirements, the processes and the challenges faced by construction companies and their employees when it comes to safety, harnessing that new knowledge into a software platform that solves real challenges for the industry it serves.


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