Joseph Gvildys 2022 Winner

Cement Industrial Director, Western Canada at Lafarge


Passionate about the intersection between manufacturing and sustainability, Joseph Gvildys has illustrated that sustainability and profitability can go hand in hand. In Ontario, Gvildys led two major sustainability initiatives that both resulted in carbon dioxide reductions: developing and implementing cement kiln dust (CKD) as an addition to cement to lower the CO2 associated with the product; and leading the conversion of an idle ball mill into a slag grinding operation, which replaced a portion of cement.

In his current role as cement industrial director, he is part of a team working to identify creative uses for captured CO2 and illustrating that the possibility of full carbon capture and sequestration is very real.

In 2021, after a series of promotions in cement distribution, including managing all cement terminals in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest in the U.S., he was promoted to his current role, and is now responsible for all Lafarge cement plants and grinding stations in the region, overseeing a team of 350 people.


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