Hatch Ltd.

Andrew Bigioni 2023 Winner

Director, Commercial, Contracts, and Corporate Legal Services at Hatch Ltd.

Hatch Ltd.

Andrew Bigioni has been a key player in numerous prominent infrastructure projects in Canada and abroad, including the Keeyask Hydropower Station in Manitoba, LRTs in Ontario and Alberta and the USA, several billion-dollar bridge refurbishments across the country, and both the expansion of the Go Train system and redevelopment of the Port Lands in Toronto. Having previously worked as a labourer, surveyor and foreman before becoming a lawyer, his in-depth knowledge of the construction industry has made him a crucial adviser and problem-solver for his employers, as well as their clients and partners. From project development to execution and delivery models, Andrew helps colleagues and clients alike to get things done. He even helped to pick up the pieces after Canada’s first P3 default, negotiating a deal that got the project back on track. Andrew’s inventiveness and can-do attitude make him a facilitator par excellence, and he also helps younger lawyers to follow in his footsteps.      


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